1. Agro chemical live demo:  During the Expo, the Exhibitor will conduct live demo or crop trial of Agro-chemical on variety of seeds.
  2. Agro Equipment Live demo: Both Local and foreign Agro equipments exhibitors will conduct live demonstrations during the Expo.
  3. Irrigation equipment display: The Irrigation equipment display will attract more visitors due to latest irrigation innovation trends in the Agricultural sector. During the Expo, variety of Irrigation equipment will be showcase.
  4. Technical and management workshops: These workshops provide access to technical and management ideas useful for commercial and small time farmers through application of farm mechanization.
  5. Country Pavilions: NIAA WEST AFRICA 2018 will attract more than 5000 visitors and more that 100 exhibitors from 10 countries.
  6. Outdoor and Indoor display: The outdoor and indoor sector of NIAA WEST AFRICA 2018 will showcases different local and international agro equipment and chemical.