Kano City: Centre of Commerce:

Located in north-west geopolitical zone of Nigeria, Kano State was created out of the defunct Northern Region in 1976 and it is divided into forty four local government areas. It borders with Jigawa State to the north and east, Bauchi, Plateau and Kaduna States to the south, Katsina State to the west and northwest. The state has more than 18,684 square kilometres (7,214 sq mi) of cultivable land and is the most extensively Agricultural state in the country.

Kano derived its name from the ancestor of the Abagayawa -the earliest settler, who migrated from Gaya in search of ironstone and chemicals. Kano State was first created under this name on May 27, 1967, when Nigeria assumed the twelve states structure. Being the most populous state, on August 27. 1991 Jigawa State was carved out from it and it now composed only of Kano Emirate.

People & Culture
Kano State is a predominantly Hausa-Fulani state and it consists of wooded savanna in the south and scrub vegetation in the north and is drained by the Kano-Chalewa-Hadejia river system. Most inhabitants of the state are farmers producing crops such as millet, rice, cassava, date palms, fruits, vegetables, sorghum, wheat, sweet potato, sugarcane, groundnut, cotton etc.

Kano State’s mean annual rainfall ranges from over 1,000mm in the extreme south to a little less than 800mm in the extreme north. The rains usually last for three to five months with mean temperature ranges from 26°C to 33°C.

There are four seasons within the state; a dry and cool season, Kaka, (mid-November to February), marked by cool and dry weather plus occasional dusty haze; the dry and hot season, bazara (March to mid-May) when temperatures climb up to 40°C and which is a transition period between the harmattan and the wet season; the wet and warm season, damina (mid-May to September), is the proper wet season when the lowest temperature is recorded; and a dry warm season, rani (October to mid-November) marked by high humidity and high temperature next to bazara in hotness.