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Smart AgriTech Conference 2023

The NIAExpo 2023 takes great privilege in announcing its “4nd Edition of Smart Agritech Conference on Agriculture which is scheduled to hold on 21th-2nd-4th May, 2023 at International Conference, Ibadan, Nigeria.
This conference will be centered around the theme “Rethinking Paradigm Shift in Agriculture and Initiatives to Enhance Food Security.” The NIAExpo Conference 2023 is to congregate an array of researchers, academicians, plant science experts, agriculturists, horticulturists, scientists, botanists, biotechnologists, industrialists to discuss their recent findings of research and case studies from around the world in concurrent sessions, as well as providing numerous networking and collaboration opportunities. It is one of the most important and widespread conferences for presenting cutting-edge research in the fields of agriculture and allied fields in West Africa. It also promotes communication among scholars and practitioners from other scientific fields who share an interest in enhancing Agricultural approaches.

Smart AgriTech Conference 2023

The Conference is open for major stakeholder, agri-academicians, investor, etc, to discuss solution to major challenge facing Agriculture development in this region.