u003cpu003eu0026nbsp;u003c/pu003enu003cpu003eu0026nbsp;u003c/pu003enu003cpu003eu003cstrongu003eImportant Notice:u003c/strongu003eu003c/pu003enu003cpu003eExhibitor or Visitor from countries, whose citizens require a visa for travelling to Nigeria, have to present an official letter of invitation from Organizers in the scope of their visa application.u003c/pu003enu003cpu003eIn order to formulate this letter as accurately as possible, we require various particulars from you. To this end, please fill out all of the sections of the form. You will receive the official invitation per email.u003c/pu003enu003cpu003eWe would like to inform you about the valid entry requirements (i.e. visa requirement) and complete the necessary formalities in good time before the event begins.u003c/pu003enu003cpu003eOrganizers assume no liability in the event that your visa application is denied, your visa is received too late or in case you are not able to travel to the event due to any other reasons.u003c/pu003enu003cpu003eWe will contact you within two days. This time limit applies from Monday to Friday, however not for Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.u003c/pu003enu003cpu003eu0026nbsp;u003c/pu003en